Summertime in the city when school is out presents a challenge for many low-income families. Finding safe, appropriate and affordable childcare for young children, and interesting and meaningful summer activities for older kids and teens, is difficult and can be a huge financial burden for families. That is why Lend A Hand Society is proud to make grants to camping agencies for summer camp scholarships for underserved children and teens.

According to the Boston Globe, Massachusetts is the most expensive state for childcare. The pandemic has exacerbated these costs even further. The cost of childcare nationally has risen by 41% and families must spend around 20% of their salary to pay for it. 

Summer camps are a great way for inner-city youth to experience a summer filled with friends, laughter, and the chance to develop new interests. Kids have the opportunity to explore nature and learn leadership skills. This allows parents to continue working while providing a safe and enriching summer for their children. 

Our campership program has been an important part of LAH’s support for families in need in the Greater Boston area. 

“My daughter loved camp. She made friends quickly and was warmly received by the staff. She enjoyed her adventures (and came home nicely exhausted) and already looks forward to next summer!” – Parent of a Cambridge Camping Camper

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